The Zodiac War (Part I)

from by SideQuest

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Aries (instrumental)

You can't feel anything under my feet
You can't hear your friends' pleas, they come next
You can't see anything, buried so deep
Can't smell, can't taste, there's nothing left

You can't run or hide
There is no turning back
Face your fate like a man
And rise up again
Stand up and find
The courage to survive
Beyond all senses:
Seventh Sense

Gemini (falta)
You will never get out of here
Through black and white you run
Through this neverending

Let’s find the exit of this Fantasy Maze
Don’t hit the mirror you will hurt yourself

It’s an ilusion sent here to confuse
Evil reflection which covers the truth

I won’t leave here without you

Come with me where the dead
take their last leap into hell
the faces of those who fell
lies on the walls of this place

Condemned will be your souls
The dead will rest no more
Step into inferno!

Welcome to Hades
(Abandon all hope)

I'm the lion, I am fire
I'm the guardian of this shrine
I'm the soldier, I'm the warrior
I'm the honor and the pride

And for those who dare inside
For those who defy my fangs
You must know there is no turning back
Kill or die by my hands

I'm not what you used to know
I'm not what I used to be
I was bright light for the darkness
Now the darkness is into me

And I can’t stop this madness
And I can't stop this rage
I'm the lion, I'm the hunter
And you are now my prey
I'm the lion, I'm the hunter
And you are my prey
It won't stop untill I kill again

You're beasts to me, so mundane, so flawed
Cause I am the closest man to God


from Myths And Constellations, released April 20, 2014
Music & Lyrics by Guillermo Riesgo
Gemini Music by De Cima




SideQuest Madrid, Spain

Side Quest is a Symphonic-Power Metal band founded by Guillermo Riesgo and gathering musicians from the best Spanish Symphonic and Power metal bands.

Their first studio album, "Myths And Constellations" is a conceptual album about the Japanese series "Saint Seiya".

Guillermo Riesgo: Rythm Guitar & Vocals
Grace Taylor: Vocals
Fede Agudo: Bass guitar
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